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Professional Soul Health Scholars

To become a Soul Health Scholar means

you will use advancements and breakthroughs of soul health to take those you serve to the deepest level of transformation.


Identify misaligned aspects of your human condition.


Resolve wounds or obstacles that hold your clients or patients back.


Transcend patterns to help others create their most optimal life.

Soul Health Certifications for Professionals

Level One: Soul Health Certification scholars receive broad training about the Soul Health Model TM, the blueprint to both aligning and healing the ten-key aspects of the human condition, to create a more viable and effective pathway to helping those you already serve. Practitioners, coaches, educators and administrators benefit from understanding the dynamic interplay between the various “branches” of health and how a client or patient’s progress can be inhibited or blocked when these facets of health and well-being are misaligned. In-depth discussion about each “branch” of the human condition occurs and suggestions are offered for ways to work with clients and patients to eliminate obstacles to creating their optimal life. Both holistic and spiritual elements of healing (introduction to energy healing, influence of “soul wounds” on client progress, etc.) are discussed to prepare for deeper integration of the services you already offer. As part of this training, Dr. Kelly works with participants to experience their own realignment process as she conducts a comprehensive “Soul Health Assessment” which teaches scholars how to implement a Soul Health Plan with clients and patients. Various soul-healing strategies and techniques are discussed.

While Licensed Practitioners, Coaches, Educators and Administers receive a renewable certification, others are also invited to participate to enhance their own overall health.

(Optional Intensive In-Person Trainings Available)

Soul Health Scholars who choose to advance their training in holistic, integrative and spiritual methods are invited to participate in the Level Two: Advanced Soul Health Certification program. Participants deeply enhance their ability to assist others on both their wellness and soul-healing journey as they learn to integrate the three levels of healing into their work in serving others: Intellectual Healing (comprehensive understanding of how blockages occur), Heart-Healing (awareness of emotional “warehousing” of traumatic experiences that creates obstacles to achieving radiant health) and Soul Healing (attention to the energetic imprints left on the soul—the essence of who a person is—when deep trauma/wounds are left unresolved). Various medical and mental health conditions are explored to educate participants about the soul-based blockages and wounds that likely inhibit full resolution of concerns. A deeper look at the Soul Health Model TM reveals the influence of astrology, energetic blockages, past life trauma and life lessons on a client/patient’s overall ability to reach their desired goals. Graduates of this certification are able to provide enhanced whole- and soul-healing services to those they serve.

An intensive in-person training is offered as part of this certification to deepen the experience of the practitioner, coach, educator or administrator in serving others.

Master Soul Health Scholars are comprehensively prepared to integrate soul-healing strategies into the work they do within their already-specialized fields. Whether you are a health professional, coach, educator or administrator, an integrative model that provides “whole health” strategies, not just traditionally-trained methods, extends your ability to care for others to the deepest level of healing. Participants learn various soul-healing strategies, including deeper intuitive skills, energetic sensing, soul-path realignment and various other “soul skills” that enhance the ability to help others transcend and evolve beyond obstacles, wounds and trauma from both the human and soul-levels. The “soul structure” of an individual is discussed to better understand how a person changes and evolves throughout the healing process. Advanced training in intuitive strategies, identification of karmic connections and wounds and various other “soul skill” strategies are incorporated into this certification. Experiential learning is an essential part of the process during the training to receive this certification. The more aligned you are with your own soul health, the more you can align the health of others. Skills training also includes discussion about how to work with various other professionals to enhance the progress of those you serve.

An intensive, experiential, in-person training session is part of this certification.

Many Soul Health Scholars are already natural teachers. The Level Four: Teach the Teacher Soul Health Scholar Certification allows you to take what you’ve learned from the previous certifications out into the world to teach those within your specialty. Every specialized field has unique needs and missions to healing others and you know what your colleagues need more than anyone. All aspects of health need teachers who will help them integrate the soul back into its rightful place in the healing process—to the front and center of all methods and modalities. The soul cannot be neglected if true evolution beyond any condition is to take place. Teach the Teacher Soul Health Scholars have mastered the skills necessary to spread the word to others. Core facilitator and mentoring skills are discussed, along with suggestions for working with difficult students or professionals who might not be appropriately equipped with the skills to address deeper concerns for others. Ethics of teaching, coaching techniques and various feedback skills are taught during this highly experiential course.  

In-person, experiential training is essential to becoming a seasoned Soul Health Scholar who teaches others.

(Additional Optional Intensive In-Person Trainings Available)

Professional Soul Health Scholars

are dedicated to helping others master the art of soul-based living. Elevate your profession and enhance your strategies by integrating Soul Health into your work through certification programs, professional retreats and various soul-enhancing resources.

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