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Dr. Kelly has been welcomed as conference keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, retreat leader, live presenter and tv/radio show guest in numerous venues.

Former professor and current holistic health psychologist, soul-healing specialist, best-selling and award-winning author, consultant, and professional speaker, Dr. Kelly resurrects the soul to its rightful place in our lives. She offers engaging, knowledgeable, and groundbreaking ideas about leadership, healthcare, wellness, integrative healing methods, spirituality, consciousness, evolution and many other topics as you embark on your journey to soul health.

Delivered in an enthusiastic, motivational and energizing package, Dr. Kelly empowers you to create your optimal life and provides the tools to pave your way to radiant living. Her trademark, The Soul Health Model, offers the solutions to mastering the 10-key aspects or branches of human condition and helps you design the blueprint for your ultimate soul evolution.



Soul Health: Resurrecting the Soul to its Rightful Place in Healthcare (Keynote Address—International Society for Addictions Nursing, 39th Annual Conference)

The Soul Health Model: Aligning Addictions Treatment for Whole Person Success (Workshop for International Society for Addictions Nursing, 39th Annual Conference)

Soul Health: Entering the New Love Consciousness (Southeastern Spiritual Conference)

Advances in Integrative Psychotherapy: Innovative Strategies for Whole Person Care (Cross Country Education, nationwide workshops—ongoing)



Healing the Healer: A Soul Health Approach to Professional Recovery

The Soul Health Solution: The Missing Link in Modern Medicine

Symptoms of the Soul:  Why Meds Can’t Cure Anxiety and Depression

Soul Realignment: Ultimate Life Balance for a Happier and Healthier Life

Radiant Leadership: Core Principles for Management Mastery

Soul-Based Eating: Alignment Skills for Evolving Beyond Emotional Eating

Whole Health Approach to Treating Sexual Trauma

She’s Engaging & Warm
Dr. Kelly captivates the audience through real-life examples and humor, as much as through scientific knowledge and day-to-day wisdom.
"Dr. Kelly was amazing and I enjoyed everything she had to say. Her presentation was great and her research was outstanding. I absolutely love her integrative understanding of the soul and the metaphor of the tree in her Soul Health Model."
She’s Versatile To Every Setting and Crowd
She tailors each presentation or event to the venue and topic at hand. Without a doubt, her Soul Health Model applies to all aspects of life—personal or professional, private or corporate.
"Dr. Kelly is a marvelous speaker. She has an amazing framework for a model of care and is fabulous at conveying the scientific evidence and importance of honoring each person as a whole person."
She knows her stuff
Dr. Kelly has both a Master of Arts and Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology, a Master of Science in Public Health, and completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Family and Community Medicine. She also received specialized training from the Mind-Body Medical Institute of Harvard University and as well as in many holistic health and spiritual modalities. Paired with a life of personal experience, she can offer real-life commentary to solve real-life problems.
"Dr. Kelly is dynamic! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing her and she is obviously well-versed on the topic."
She has a passion for her work
The quote, If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it, is Dr. Kelly’s favorite quote. She thrives on teaching others in order to shine the collective light of oneness to the world.
"Dr. Kelly is dynamic! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing her and she is obviously well-versed on the topic."
Her experience speaks for itself
Many have said that Dr. Kelly has experienced enough for many lifetimes, having been a professor at a major medical school, owned her own holistic health center—and now private practice, and published her own book, not to mention her continual dedication to her own personal growth and evolution. She practices what she preaches, and is willing to tell about it—the good, the bad, and the ugly—if it helps others to thrive and evolve.
"She really knew her subject, had a passion for it, and did a super job of conveying the material to the audience."
She touches the soul
Few people understand the dynamics of the soul better than Dr. Kelly. Her Soul Health Model is living proof that she can both live and teach soul radiance.
"Dr. Katherine Kelly’s keynote address provided our conference with the platform from which our 3 days of education and discussions were launched. She engaged each attendee in an introspective soul journey that expanded to encompass the soul health review of healthcare itself. Dr. Kelly’s presentation is enhanced by her comfort in front of the group, her inclusion of personal examples of her points, and her ability to engage an audience regardless of the size."
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