Level Two
Advanced Soul Health Certification

The Mission

To deepen the use of the Soul Health Model to include a basic understanding of astrological, energetic, past life and “soul age” influences to identify and heal blockages within the human condition while facilitating soul evolution.

Training includes...

Enhanced education about the Soul Health Model and how to apply a basic understanding of astrology to identify life lessons, energetic blockages or wounds, past life trauma and the “age” of the client’s soul are included in the training for this certification. True and complete healing and evolution occurs only when the energetic imprint of soul lessons and wounds are understood and removed from the individual’s soul matrix or pattern. This training teaches practitioners how to identify and assist in the removal of blockages for enhanced healing.

Certification ensures effective ability to conduct comprehensive Soul Health Assessments, with enhanced integration of soul-based knowledge and wisdom, including integration of basic astrology, identification of energetic blockages, awareness of impact of past life-trauma on a person’s ability to learn and grow and the influence of soul age as part of the evolutionary capacity to overcome life  lessons and challenges.

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