Psychological Health

You and Your Soul​

A holistic approach to psychotherapy is essential in healing from the many challenges of the human condition. Using my trademarked Soul Health Model, I actively work with you to realign your life for radiant living while helping you strengthen and develop the essence of who you really are. Together, we will make you whole again while also evolving toward optimal health—soul health!

Depression is often better described as “suppression of the soul” and results from a situation that prevents us from being who we truly are. This dampens the light of our inner ally and creates a depressed experience of our world.

Souls evolve as a result of how we interact with others. Often relationship concerns are simply catalysts for our individual growth and evolution.

Anxiety often lets us know that something is misaligned in our lives, whether it be related to a current trigger or something from the past. A “whole health” approach offers you the best methods to manage this discontent or discomfort.

Let’s Evolve Together

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