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Your Mind, Body & Soul

Psychotherapy helps to heal an individual’s challenges that have been created by the human condition. In addition to psychotherapy services, I also offer several methods of healing that help you focus on the “soul side” of your evolution. Although Soul Healing services should not be considered as a replacement for psychotherapy, they can provide a deep and spiritual form of insight which assists you in reaching your optimal level of radiant living.

For more information concerning Soul Healing services such as Past-Life Regression Therapy, Soul Realignment Sessions, Akashic Record Readings, Soul Coaching and Consultation, please click on the respective links.

As a holistic psychologist, I work to help you resolve many concerns, including Those noted below

While scheduling your initial appointment, we will have a brief conversation about the nature of your concerns. I always want to offer you the best possible path to healing and, if necessary, will refer you to additional health and wellness professionals to assist you on your journey to radiant living.


Depression is a “symptom of the soul”—an experience that dampens your inner light. I work with you to realign your life for more radiant living.


Sometimes our inner resources aren’t enough to overcome external stressors. I help you master the challenges of the human condition.


Helping others evolve beyond mistreatment is one of my gifts. To help you reclaim and enhance your true essence is my mission.

Career Change

Sometimes we don’t know our true path. I help you find your life’s purpose and embrace the gifts you are here to share.


Anything that “misaligns” us leaves us feeling unsettled. Together, we will rebalance your life to feel more grounded and centered.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict stirs us so we can grow. I help you learn how to resolve issues to create more harmony in your life.

Spiritual Concerns

Spirituality is what brings us peace. I guide you on your path to understanding self, soul and Spirit.

Body Image & Weight Concerns

The body is the vessel that carries the essence of who we are. Working together will help you experience optimal health.


Anything that “misaligns” us leaves us feeling unsettled. Together, we will rebalance your life to feel more grounded and centered.


Loss makes us feel like something is missing. Our work together will help you find yourself once again.

Women’s Issues

I’m very good at creating strong women! I partner with you to reclaim and embrace the amazing woman you are!

Relationship Concerns

Humans help us see who we really are. I help to illuminate unhealthy dynamics so you heal and evolve beyond them.

Dr. Kelly offers other tools to enhance your Soul Health

The “winter blues” affect millions of people every year.        I’ve created this boosting blend to help you navigate seasonal sadness by lifting your spirits, brightening your mood, and soothing your soul.

Paperwork is synonymous with healthcare… so much to do and so little focus and time to do it. Chart Smart helps you relax into the task, keep you focused and help you compose both yourself and your words as you tackle the constant to-do list.

Creative thinking is a must in the world of work. Creativity Booster will help you open your cranial gates to enhance your imagination, inspire your aspirations, and assist you in initiating your newfound innovations.

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