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and Organizational Enhancement

The “soul” of leadership or an organization is vital to a successful workplace. Without a clear definition of this essence, employees can’t function at their optimal levels. 

Using a “whole leader” or “whole organization” perspective, I partner with you to identify missing links and create a systematic plan to strengthen you or your workplace from the inside out.

Help Your Leadership Team E.V.O.L.V.E.

Soulful Leadership Enhancement & Coaching

Leaders can’t effectively lead without a firm sense of who they are or how they can best align with their organization. Leadership enhancement involves one-on-one assessment and coaching to help you develop the essential skills to lead with ease. While many aspects of effective leadership have already been identified, the evolution to masterful management happens within. During a leadership enhancement process, I align with you to help you evolve into a well-balanced, confident and effective head of any department or organization

Leadership Refinement

Embrace your evolution to optimize success for yourself and those you lead.

The Legacy of Leadership

Identify your legacy, make an impact and take your company to the top.

Living a Balanced Life

Take the lead by learning to live and model a balanced and radiant life.

Soulful Successful Strategies

Learn the “Triumphant Trio” of workplace success.

Organizational Assessment

Harness strengths and rebalance challenges with soulful sensitivity.

Healing Organizational Trauma

Overcome “blows” to your business with sensitivity, patience and grace.

Organizational Enhancement

Working to enhance the success of organizations and businesses has long been part of my work. I assist in identifying and defining the “soul” of an organization—the key aspects unique to a facility or company—to help administrators and staff align efforts for the optimal management and growth. Understanding this essence of an organization enhances commitment, dedication and motivation to create success on all levels.

Healing The Soul of Healthcare

The pandemic impacted every aspect of healthcare provision, including the ability to care for employees within a health organization. It also impacted each of us on a personal level. Healing the soul of healthcare goes beyond understanding the basics of stress, burnout and change. It includes understanding how employees have changed since the pandemic began and how to evolve beyond the challenges that came with it.

I interviewed nearly 150 healthcare providers during the pandemic to write The Healer’s Path to Post-COVID Recovery: A Restorative Journey for Healthcare WorkersThis process made me an expert in understanding what healthcare workers experienced and what they need in order to restore their lives following this life-changing event. I use this information to help healthcare leaders and organizations design a path to a more optimal workplace.

For more information about my best-selling and two-time award-winning book, The Healer’s Path to Post-COVID Recovery: A Restorative Journey for Healthcare Workers click here.

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As a newly appointed CEO of our treatment facility, I contacted Dr. Kelly out of despair over the conflicts amongst staff that surged during the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation felt out of control and I did not have the tools to fix it. Having been interviewed for her book related to assisting healthcare workers in recovering from this challenging time, her work was fresh on my mind.

Dr. Kelly helped both the employees and leadership team identify the “soul” of the organization, which started the process of aligning and/or realigning with the overall mission and “soul” of the organization.  As the leader of the organization, she coached me to embrace the needed changes that surfaced throughout this process of realignment. She also empowered me to strategize how to address these necessary changes that created barriers to our organizational evolvement.

The original goal of organizational conflict resolution was achieved and more importantly, Dr. Kelly effectively sparked the beginning of organizational evolution. Leading an organization through the most challenging of times has been difficult, but utilizing Dr. Kelly’s tools and skills helped to create the safety bubble in which the element of organizational change could actually occur.

I am very grateful to have an objective and trusted colleague who can advise and assist in making decisions and plans to keep the organization moving forward. Working with Dr. Kelly has truly been a gift on both a personal level and an organizational level.



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