The decision to enter psychotherapy is a tough one. Not only are you likely going through a great deal of emotional—and even physical—discomfort, but you may also not know what is on the other side of it once it is healed. Because our most natural state is that of evolution, it is when we are mired in our life struggles that we feel the least comfortable. However, it is also the information embedded in these struggles that provides us with the wisdom to evolve to our next level of really living.

To know your soul is to know true health. Only then can you reach radiant living. Although traditional methods of healing are helpful, they often aren’t enough to resolve your deepest and sometimes unexplainable concerns. Along with training I’ve received to provide various soul healing methods, I’ve developed many of my own strategies to assist in understanding and accessing the “soul side” of healing and evolution.

“I am a vehicle of consciousness whose mission is to elevate others to reach radiant health and ultimate soul evolution. I strive to educate others to thrive in life while also serving as an ongoing role model in seeking and maintaining my own optimal soul health. I see life as a healing journey, one which is available to all souls, most of all one’s own, but one which is always subject to the curiosities and challenges of the human condition. I am committed to my own soul health, growth, and evolution both for myself and for the souls that I am fortunate enough to serve.”


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