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Personal Soul Health Scholars

The soul is at the hub of all aspects of health and healing

As you learn more about the interplay between the human condition and your inner ally, you will more easily reach “radiant health”.

Stay tuned for upcoming Soul Health Scholars information, webinars, retreats and other soul-powered experiences to facilitate and enhance your personal evolution!

You are your soul’s biggest ally—and it is yours!

Personal Soul Health Scholars programs assist in both aligning your life for radiant living and providing the tools to mastering your soul’s evolution. Each class, webinar or other educational opportunity addresses concerns that directly impact your well-being and helps you understand how the essence of who you are can heal and evolve beyond any obstacle. My trademarked Soul Health Model serves as the foundation of all offerings, which in turn, allows you to build your own strong and solid base. To know your soul is to know true health and becoming a Personal Soul Scholar allows you to pave the way to your optimal life.

Personal Soul Health Scholars​

are invested in both their radiant health and their soul’s evolution. Integrate Soul Health into each day through classes, webinars, retreats and other soul enhancement strategies.

Stay tuned for classes, webinars and videos related to:

Accessing Soul Wisdom: Communicating with your Inner Ally

Soul-Based Living in Everyday Life

Color My Soul: Envisioning Your Optimal Soul Path

Recipe for Radiance: Mastering the Art and Soul of Self-Care

Understanding Soul Age to Enhance and Manage Interpersonal Relationships

The Soul of Psychology Series: Understanding Physical and Mental

Health from the Soul Side of Experience

Surviving Your Twin Flame Relationship

Understanding Unexplainable Fears, Attractions and Curiosities from a Past-Life Perspective

Please check back for upcoming offerings.

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