The soul—the “essence” of who you are as an individual, group or organization—is the most important aspect of your experience within the human condition. No one thinks life is easy and it is our experience of all life events—physical, emotional, social, interpersonal, intellectual/occupational, financial, spiritual and environmental—that creates our unique sense of being human. It is also our perceptions and experience of these events that often leave us feeling misaligned or unable to move forward. 

As a psychologist,
soul-healing specialist,

author, speaker, coach and organizational enhancement consultant, my mission is to elevate your consciousness to the point of experiencing optimal living. My work emphasizes the unity of all aspects of the human condition since these vital facets of ourselves cannot be separated. My trademarked Soul Health Model influences all of the work I do. This model serves as the blueprint to both healing and evolution and offers you the opportunity to design your life or workplace to reach what I call “radiant health”—your optimal level of effectiveness in everyday life.

Your soul development—exploring and expanding

who you are at the core of the individual, group or organization—is an investment and requires your commitment to evolve beyond previous ways. Because I believe very strongly in creating a collaborative working partnership, we will explore all aspects of “whole health” in your healing and evolutionary process to help you create your most radiant life.

We will work together​ toward developing your sense of conscious evolution—a moment-to-moment awareness of the meaning of events that leads to an evolved way of living, working and being. Whether you embark in a psychotherapy or soul-healing experience, participate in a class, workshop or seminar, or engage in the process of organizational enhancement, my commitment to you is to assist in creating your most optimal healing path.

I welcome the opportunity to guide you, your group or your organization on your healing journey and help you reach your highest state of conscious evolution. It’s time to align and enhance your experience of the human condition!

Dr. Katherine T. Kelly, Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

Frequently Asked Questions


Holistic health simultaneously addresses all aspects of well-being, emphasizing that each aspect plays an essential part in helping an individual feel “whole”. Most wellness models explore physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual components of health.

The soul is the essence of who we are—the core of our existence. While many believe matters of the soul are left to religious leaders to discuss, no matter what your belief about a higher power, it is the nucleus of every action, behavior, thought and emotion. It is the hub of our being.


While many use the terms “psyche” and “soul” interchangeably, they are actually quite different. The psyche is the overlying mental or psychological structure of a person while the soul is the driving force behind all aspects of who we are.


Soul health addresses the primary void in our modern approach to health—the influence of the essence of who we are in our everyday lives. All “branches” of well-being—physical, psychological, social, interpersonal, intellectual/occupational, environmental, financial, sexual, spiritual and recreational—are influenced by the needs and desires of our unique and essential self, our soul. Soul health addresses both the complex interaction between each of these aspects of health and the dynamic intersect between the branches and our soul itself.

Soul health is an integrative and comprehensive concept that addresses all aspects of health while specifically acknowledging the unique nature of each individual. Although all therapeutic modalities and approaches could benefit from integrating this conceptual framework, it goes beyond the limitations of most therapy practices.

Absolutely! In fact, many find they can only get so far with traditional psychotherapeutic services. By integrating soul healing practices into a psychotherapy process, the restorative actions commonly reach deeper wounds and result in more sustainable resolution of concerns.

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Something exciting and innovative is coming to your professional practice!

Are you a health professional, coach, educator or administrator who is interested in integrating soul health into the work you already do? If so, Soul Health Scholars Professional Certifications will teach you an innovative approach to blending traditional and holistic approaches to health and well-being for those you already serve. Soul Health Scholars learn about my trademarked Soul Health Model, which offers the ultimate blueprint for radiant living, while also learning progressively deeper methods of soul healing not taught in conventional schools. 

As you know, traditional methods often aren’t enough to break through deep trauma and unexplained blockages to healing. The concepts and methods you learn as a Soul Health Scholar allow you to help your clients and patients evolve beyond any challenge. 

Both you and your clients or patients will thrive as you become a Soul Health Scholar!

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Color My Soul 2024

Vision Day for Creating Your Optimal Soul Path

Saturday, January 13th, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Lewisville/Mary Alice Warren Community Center
7632 Warren Park Dr, Lewisville, NC 27023

Are you ready to make 2024 the best year of your life? Would you like more radiance, clarity, certainty, and focus for creating an optimal life?  Have you felt blocked, afraid, or unable to fully step into your soul’s purpose?  Would you like to learn to manifest your dreams?

Ultimate soul health entails aligning with your inner ally to create the life that best fits your soul’s desires. Many of us hesitate and even avoid following our truth, but the time has come to immerse ourselves in the colors of our soul in order to lead the life we’ve always wanted.

Join Dr. Katherine Kelly for this one-day, soul-filled retreat which will help you access your soul’s palette and paint your way to radiant soul health! Visualization, color, stones, aromatherapy, and sound therapy will be used to help you create and manifest your optimal life.

During this retreat, you will:

1) Dive deeply into your soul to create your ultimate vision for 2024.

2) Learn to listen to your inner wisdom to create the life you want.

3) Gain trust in your inner ally as it guides you on your path.

4) Create a soul-based action plan to step into your soul’s desires.

All you need to do is come ready to take your journey to your soul and harness your creative energies that will help you to color your life for the upcoming year. I recommend bringing a journal and wearing comfortable clothing so you can relax into the day. Other than that, you will sit back and allow your soul to lead the way to creating your Vision for 2024!

Vision Day Fee:  $159.00***

(***Early bird and other discounts available)

Includes all supplies including paint, canvas, healing gemstones and essential oils.

***For payment– you can send a check payable to Dr. Katherine Kelly, 2990 Bethesda Place, Suite 602A, Winston-Salem, NC 27103, pay via PayPal (enter kkelly@drkatherinetkelly.com for email connection), or go to the website at https://drkatherinetkelly.com/for-personal-development/ to pay online.

It’s time to create and manifest your optimal life!

Everything I do is related to both helping you create a more radiant life and helping you evolve. Soul Health Essentials—the Oils of Evolution offer additional tools as an extension of this mission. The blends I have created are designed specifically to facilitate and elevate your healing and evolutionary process.

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