Soul Health Coaching

Ongoing Soul Health Coaching: Many people want to continue their soul’s evolutionary journey by working together on a regular basis. For me, there is nothing better than watching and assisting in someone’s soul evolution!

If you are a health provider, coach, educator or other professional, you may wish to be mentored as you integrate Soul Health into your own practice.

Once we have established a working relationship, we can design a program that works for you: weekly, monthly, quarterly or just on an “as needed” basis. This can include a combination of soul health coaching, soul healing and/or intuitive counseling. Although coaching doesn’t replace the need for psychotherapy, it can serve as an additional aspect of your evolutionary process. Whatever the need, we will work together to create the optimal approach for you.

Instructions for scheduling:

To schedule a Soul Health Assessment Coaching Session, you may either pay through PayPal using the link below or send your payment using your Zelle Pay phone app by entering my email address:

If using Zelle, please make sure you enter the correct amount. Regardless of payment method, you must complete the contact form on this page.


***Appointments are not scheduled without pre-payment.

For your convenience, I’ve created several payment options:

Single Session Cost: $245.00 by ZellePay or $254.00 by PayPal
Two Session Cost: $445.00 by ZellePay or $467.00 by PayPal
Four Session Cost: $950.00 by ZellePay or $983.00 by PayPal
Eight Session Cost: $1,825.00 by ZellePay or $1,888.00 by PayPal

Twelve Session Cost: $2,700.00 by ZellePay or $2,794.00 by PayPal

Schedule a Session

Please read all instructions BEFORE requesting to schedule a session.

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