Soul Health Scholars

“Scientia potentia est”

is the Latin phrase for knowledge is power. Knowing and studying the soul will give you the power you need to both align and accelerate your evolutionary path.  

Whether you’re an individual or a professional in search of advanced soul-based methods of healing, you will learn more sustainable and viable approaches to evolving beyond any condition or circumstance.


You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t already interested in learning more about the soul and how it influences both overall health and the ability to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Soul Health Scholars are committed to studying the various aspects and levels of well-being to not only facilitate the soul’s healing but also its evolution. My trademarked Soul Health Model offers the blueprint to achieving radiant health, both inside and out, and as you understand the dynamic interplay between the ten “branches” of the human condition and the evolution of the soul, you will acquire the keys to mastering the healing process at the highest and deepest levels.

Whether your motivation is personal or professional, you or those you serve will thrive as you become a seasoned scholar of the soul. All Soul Health Scholar trainings are experiential in nature for deeper understanding and integration of concepts.

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