Soul Health Certifications


Practitioners of all fields are invited to learn how integrating holistic and spiritual practices into their work significantly improves the care of those they serve.

Soul Health Certification

To master the understanding of the Soul Health Model and how the “branches” of the human condition affect our soul’s evolution and vice versa for the sake of providing deeper and more sustainable healing and education to others.


As one of nearly 250,000 certified life, health and executive coaches in the United States, imagine how much more you could help clients when the true “soul” of the matter is addressed!

Soul Health Certification

Enhanced education about the Soul Health Model and how to apply a basic understanding of astrology to identify life lessons, energetic blockages or wounds, past life trauma and the “age” of the client’s soul will be included in the training for this certification.


Those who understand and teach the mind-body-soul approach to health and healing are trail-blazers and change agents for permanent change and radiant living.

Soul Health Certification

To prepare practitioners for master level healing using intuitive skills, various soul healing strategies and energetic sensing.


Managers, supervisors and other administrators who oversee the work of others enhance the effectiveness of their staff when the “heart and soul” of an organization is identified and empowered through integrative strategies.

Level Four

Soul Health Certification

To teach others to expand their knowledge of soul healing practices, both for personal evolution and the evolution of other practitioners, coaches, educators and administrators.

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