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In the Soul Health Blog, Dr. Kelly elevates the understanding of the soul by explaining
its influence on various aspects of the human condition. She brings to light hard to
understand dynamics of everyday life and bridges up-to-date scientific research related
to the body and mind aspects of everyday life with the less-known soul-based factors
that impact our individual experience.

Monthly Insights

Transformation through Tragedy

Some sort of tragedy happens every day, whether it be a world event or something that goes terribly wrong in our day. Lately, the devastating

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Week of August 6th Comparison is Poison to Your Soul
Feeding the Soul

Comparison is Poison to Your Soul

This seems like such a Utopian concept—to accept everyone as they are and just live our lives connected to other sentient beings with no judgment,

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Feeding the Soul

The Soul’s Path to Now

Everyone wants to know where their life is going and yet nearly no one’s goes as planned. Still, when you look back over the details

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