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In the Soul Health Blog, Dr. Kelly elevates the understanding of the soul by explaining
its influence on various aspects of the human condition. She brings to light hard to
understand dynamics of everyday life and bridges up-to-date scientific research related
to the body and mind aspects of everyday life with the less-known soul-based factors
that impact our individual experience.

Feeding the Soul

The Soul’s Duty to Evolve

We don’t think of our own evolution as part of changing for the sake of the greater good. Shifting our thoughts, perspective, behaviors, values or anything else is hard and we tend to become very self-focused when undergoing difficult times. And these are certainly difficult times. But has there ever really been a time in history when everyone around the world is at peace and getting along? The answer is a hard “no”.

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Week of August 6th Comparison is Poison to Your Soul
Feeding the Soul

Comparison is Poison to Your Soul

This seems like such a Utopian concept—to accept everyone as they are and just live our lives connected to other sentient beings with no judgment, comparison or need to please anyone. For the truth is that comparison is poison to our soul. The assessment of whether we measure up to others is the first act in diminishing ourselves and our inner self. When we place judgment on whether or not we fit in, will be accepted by others or are good enough in some way, we don’t need anyone else as enemies—we already have one living right inside our own skin.

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Emotional Wellbeing and the Soul

Life Left Undone: The Soul’s Inspiration to Guide Life’s Path

We remember the many times we went against our gut instinct and experienced remorse by not following that quiet voice within.

Researchers, Roese and Summerville say, “Opportunity breeds regret.” How can this be?

Opportunity is the ultimate dream. It offers hope for all possibilities, options and fantasy. But the reality is, it can come with a cost if we don’t take action once opportunity arises. Our soul’s path can become seriously detoured or misaligned if we don’t listen to what our inner truth has to say. Scientists agree.

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Feeding the Soul

The Soul’s Path to Now

Everyone wants to know where their life is going and yet nearly no one’s goes as planned. Still, when you look back over the details and events of your journey through conscious eyes, your soul’s path may make more sense.

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