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In the Soul Health Blog, Dr. Kelly elevates the understanding of the soul by explaining
its influence on various aspects of the human condition. She brings to light hard to
understand dynamics of everyday life and bridges up-to-date scientific research related
to the body and mind aspects of everyday life with the less-known soul-based factors
that impact our individual experience.

Monthly Insights

Transformation through Tragedy

Some sort of tragedy happens every day, whether it be a world event or something that goes terribly wrong in our day. Lately, the devastating fires in Maui have weighed heavily on my heart and soul. Some of the heaviness comes from having recently visited Kaua’i, one of the neighboring Hawaiian Islands. My main memory of my journey relates to the soothing energy of the area. Now I imagine the shock, overwhelm and destruction. What keeps going through my mind, though, is the opportunity for transformation and renewal that will eventually appear on the horizon.

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Feeding the Soul

The Soul’s Duty to Evolve

We don’t think of our own evolution as part of changing for the sake of the greater good. Shifting our thoughts, perspective, behaviors, values or anything else is hard and we tend to become very self-focused when undergoing difficult times. And these are certainly difficult times. But has there ever really been a time in history when everyone around the world is at peace and getting along? The answer is a hard “no”.

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Monthly Insights

Presence: The Soul’s Essence and Key to Expansion

The soul needs presence to expand and evolve. It is the experience of “being” within a situation or moment, both observing and consciously participating in the awareness of second-by-second evolution. This is much like listening deeply to the ticking of a clock. We can’t stop time, but we can stop ourselves from overlooking or ignoring what each instance brings. Each one offers an opportunity to capture and integrate awareness and experiences that might otherwise have been lost.

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Monthly Insights

Reclaiming Yourself on the Path to Soul Health

To be human is to be broken, flawed or fragmented. We all have wounds and our ultimate task is to find and reclaim the parts of us that will once again make us feel whole. This is the journey to soul health, one that takes many lifetimes to accomplish.

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