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The Soul Health Model is something I use with clients on a daily basis. In this model, the soul is depicted in an illustration of a tree. Much like the growth of a tree, the soul's evolution depends on the health of the elements available to it. In the case of the soul's evolution, the humanly elements of life are the basis for unimpeded growth. The branches of the tree represent 10 primary areas of the human condition which must be in balance for the soul to grow and evolve. These include Physical, Psychological, Interpersonal, Social, Financial, Intellectual, Environmental, Sexual, Spiritual, and Recreational branches of health. These branches bridge the gap between the human condition and the soul. The entirety of the tree represents the interplay between these two aspects of our existence and illustrates the impact on the rest of our human condition when one or more branches are not healthy. The model emphasizes that when one branch is broken it is impossible for the rest of the tree to remain unaffected. Even one unhealthy branch can have a traumatic impact on the soul's overall health.

The trunk of the tree houses the soul and is depicted by hands reaching upward toward our most natural stateā€”our soul's expansive evolution. Our soul sustains and guides us on our journey through our experience of the human condition once we open ourselves to receive its wisdom. Only when the tree is in full balance can the soul truly blossom and only when we open to our soul is our true radiance reached.

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