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Available Fall 2012

Soul Health: Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living provides a complete explanation of the Soul Health Model which I use daily with both psychotherapy clients and workshop participants. This model offers a lifelong metaphor for growth and development as both humans and souls.

In this model, the soul is depicted by an illustration of a tree. Much like the life of a tree, the soul's growth depends on the health of the 'elements' available to it. Related to Soul Health, the humanly elements are the basis for unimpeded growth. The branches of the tree represent 10 essential areas of the "human condition" which must be in balance for the soul to grow and evolve. These include Physical, Psychological, Interpersonal, Social, Financial, Intellectual, Environmental, Sexual, Recreational, and Spiritual branches of health. Because the human condition and the soul must work together for growth, all human needs must be balanced in order for the soul to reach our optimal health. The branches bridge the gap between our human condition and the soul. And, in essence, both must work in tandem to reach our most desired state of radiant living.

This book provides the spiritual blueprint to not only balance your everyday human life, but also set the stage for your optimal and radiant living... your complete Soul Health.

Available Summer 2013

There's No Therapy In Heaven: The Soul's Guide to Mastering the Human Condition is your soul's practical guide to not only surviving, but actually mastering the Human Condition. The fact is, as humans, we make life harder than it has to be. It is not our soul that is complicated, it is our human condition that complicates our most natural and healthy state—our soul's evolution.

In this book, you will find the necessary steps to more spiritually and peacefully navigate through this thing called 'life'. It is in these pages that I provide unique, yet practical ways to traverse the gap between our human condition and the needs of our soul in order to reach full and unimpeded evolution. In doing so, you will most importantly learn to read beyond your humanness in order to reunite with your truest and deepest self—your soul. We all know how difficult it is to be human, but few know that if we learned to listen and interpret our experiences through our spiritual eyes and ears, we would lead much easier, more joyful and much more meaningful lives. In essence, we would evolve beyond our humanness and get back in touch with our already-enlightened souls.

No Therapy in Heaven completely outlines the key methods to a) spiritually interpret the events of life, b) master your human struggle and c) help you to consciously evolve beyond your experiences of the human condition. Prior to this, no book has systematically bridged the gap between our everyday humanness—our human condition-- and the part of us that is here to evolve—our soul. 

Release date to be announced.


Emotional Weight (PDF)
Men & Depression (PDF)
Holiday Blues (PDF)
Kitchen Karma (PDF)
Wholistic Psychotherapy (PDF)
A Year Without Regret (PDF)
It's Not Easy Being Green (PDF)
Health & The Human Condition (PDF)
Tis the Season to be Sad (PDF)
Soul (Whole) Health (PDF)


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