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Who doesn't struggle with the Human Condition? Of course, the answer to this question is no one. It is our experience of all life events--physical, emotional, cultural, social, spiritual, and environmental that creates our unique sense of being human. But it is also our perceptions and experience of these events that often leaves us feeling mired in our "humanness" and unable to move forward on our own.

The decision to enter psychotherapy is a tough one. Not only are you likely going through a great deal of emotional-- and even physical-- discomfort, but you may also not know what is on the other side of it once it is healed. Because our most natural state is that of evolution, it is when we are mired in our life struggles that we feel the least comfortable. However, it is also the information embedded in these struggles that provides us with the wisdom to evolve to our next level of really living.

In my psychotherapy practice, I believe that healing from this emotional and physical discomfort is only part of the process. Instead, I believe that it is our ability to evolve beyond the discomfort that not only brings the most complete relief, but also the most enriched meaning in our lives. I work to help my clients enter a state of conscious evolution — a state of moment-to-moment "knowing" that serves to guide a person through the everyday trials and tribulations of life. Once reached, clients are able to much more effectively interpret the experiences of their lives and evolve beyond their previous level of existence to a whole new level of living!

To enter psychotherapy is not only a personal investment to heal from your day-to-day struggles, but more importantly it is a commitment to also evolve beyond them.

I look forward to helping you reach your highest state of conscious evolution and create the life you were meant to enjoy!


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